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All photos and design: Narve Brattenborg 

A visual journey into the nature of Norway

Welcome to (kronbladet=the petal).
This is an opportunity to get close to the plants of Norway.

Animals and other elements of our nature will gradually find it's way into the sideshow.

Please enjoy

The main focus is on wild or bewildered species. Within trees and shrubs both wild and planted species are included.

Only plants determined to species or occasionally to genus are included. Determination errors may occur, so please report back if such are found.

996 photos of 406 species are presented with picture info and systematics.





This is the spot for all other photos at Photos related to nature are prioritized, but only the time and place will decide what ends up here.

The Sideshow was introduced on 23th of april 2006, and the photobase will gradually grow. Photos of animals, landscape, sport and manmade constructions will find it's place here.

Some effort to determine the species of the sideshow organisms are made, but the division of taxa may be rather crude in some cases. However, all the birds are determined and verified to species level.

276 photos are included.



As a marinbiologist I feel I have sort of neglected this sphere in a photographic sense.

Marine animals will to some extent occur on the sideshow. Seaweeds might also show up, allthough to a lesser extent. Since I am a bit diluted on this subject that matters to me, I have chosen to develop a website, where the members of Bergen Seaweed Group as a joint venture have started building a photobase of species, and are keeping an updated database of systematics.

Photos and systematics are available on (The site is primarily in english)
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