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About was registered on 15th of february 2005. Kronbladet is norwegian for «The petal». The site is developed by, and all photos are taken by mr. Narve Brattenborg.

The main focus is set on photographic presentation of plants, mainly wild- and stray flowers in Norway (Northern Europe). An effort to identify them to species is made.

The Sideshow houses all other categories, preferably related to nature. Animals, landscapes, sport and manmade constructions are the major sub categories.
Species identifications of birds are verified by Frode Falkenberg (

If you in any way or for any reason should want to sponsor this site, please contact. A banner spot may be arranged as long as it is not flashy in any sense of word.

Being a marine biologist I find it natural to include marine seaweeds and animals. The animals will be added in the sideshow. Together with fellow marine botanists, who are or have been related to the University of Bergen, we started Bergen Seaweed Group in 2005. Since I found my photographic library on seaweeds to be limited, and not wanting to focus hard on this just now, I was persuaded to develop another site where all members could contribute. The site is available on

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