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All photos and design: Narve Brattenborg 

Milkwort Family (Polygalaceae)

Heath Milkworth (Polygala serpyllifolia)


Common Milkwort (Polygala vulgaris)



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Families with photos
Amaryllis Family
Araucaria Family
Arrow Grass Family
Balsam family
Bayberry Family
Bedstraw Family
Beech Family
Bellflower Family
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Bladderwort Family
Bogbean Family
Borage Family
Bracken Fern Family
Bur-reed Family
Buttercup Family
Cabbage Family
Carrot Family
(Apiaceae (Umbelliferae))
Chain Fern, Deer Fern Family
Clubmoss Family
Cranesbill Family
Crowberry Family
Curly Grass Family
Currant Family
Cypress Family
Daisy Family
(Asteraceae (Compositae))
Dock Family
Dogbane Family
Dogwood Family
Elm Family
False Hellebore Family
Fern Family
Figworth Family
Fumitory family
Goosefoot Family
Grass Family
Grass of Parnassus Family
Hazelnut Family
Heath Family
Hemp family
Honeysuckle Family
Horse-chestnut Family
Horsetail family
Ivy Family
Labiate Family
(Lamiaceae (Labiatae))
Lady-fern Family
(Woodsiaceae (Athyriaceae))
Leadwort Family
Lily Family
Loosestrife Family
Magnolia family
Maidenhair Family
Mallow Family
Maple Family
Mare's-tail Family
Mayflower Family
Milkwort Family
Moschatel Family
Nettle Family
Nightshade Family
Olive Family
Onions, Garlic Family
Orchid Family
Peaflower Family
Phlox Family
Pine Family
Pink Family
Plantain Family
Polypody Family
Poppy Family
Primrose Family
Reed-mace Family
Rose Family
Royal Fern Family
Rush Family
Saxifrage Family
Sedge Family
Spleenwort Family
St. John's-wort family
Stonecrop Family
Sundew Family
Teasel Family
Trillium family
Twinflower family
Valerian Family
Violet Family
Water-lily Family
Willow Family
Willowherb Family
(Oenotheraceae (Onagraceae))
Wintergreen family
Wood Sorrell Family
Yew Family